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BPG Nationals

  • What is BPG Nationals?
    We are a National Player Development Program based out of the Philly Market that is committed to providing elite coaching, development, and exposure to the aspiring collegiate lacrosse player.
  • What States are Represented on the National Team?
    Many of our players reside in the traditional lacrosse hot bed of the Northeast. However, we recognize and appreciate the growth of the game; elite lacrosse players hail from all over the United States and Canada. We encourage any player that wants to compete with the best to sign up for one of our mini-camps or submit a Virtual Try Out Application and Highlight Video on our website.
  • What Makes BPG Nationals Different?
    We train and develop together. Our goal is not to win the tournament. Winning is a result of endless hours of preparation. We don’t assemble just to win games; we train to develop better players. Endless games don’t make you better; however, endless training does.
  • What Graduation Years have Teams?
    For the 2023-2024 Season we will have teams from 2025 to 2031 Graduation Years.
  • Will BPG Nationals Play in The Circuit?
    Our younger teams will play in the 2023-2024 Circuit Event. There are three events that we will select players to participate in based off a positional depth chart.
  • How Many Teams at Each Graduation Year?
    We will field a minimum of one team at every graduation year. At our sole discretion we may field 1-2 teams at each graduation year. We will field addition at teams at each graduation year that can compete on a National Stage at elite tournaments.
  • How Many Players on a Team?
    We will select a “pool” of players at each graduation year that demonstrate the ability to play and compete at a “high” level. These players will then be selected to play in tournaments throughout the year that are a la carte and do not conflict with high school or traditional club team schedules. Normal tournament rosters will not exceed 24 players per team. We do reserve the right to add some additional players for those tournaments that play with a shot clock and are in the heat of June and July.
  • How Much does BPG Nationals Cost?
    We charge an annual tuition fee that includes BPG National Helmet, Uniform Package, and 2-3 minicamps during the year. Once a player is selected, they will receive a Welcome Package that outlines the annual tuition fee. Tournaments and Play Days are NOT included.
  • How Much do Tournaments Cost?
    All Tournaments are a la carte. We recognize that there may be conflicts with school schedules, and traditional club games. We only ask that you pay for those tournaments that you can attend and are selected to participate. We anticipate participating in 2-3 tournaments annually. We may add additional tournaments and play days at our discretion. Tournament costs are inclusive of professional coaches pay, per diem, hotel, and travel.
  • Who are the Coaches for BPG Nationals?
    We have assembled an elite group of coaches for our teams and their names and backgrounds can be found HERE:
  • Do I Still Play Traditional Club?
    Our goal is to supplement your school and traditional club team. Our scheduling of minicamps, tournaments, and play days is designed to minimize conflicts to allow you to optimize your lacrosse development. Your club and school team come first!
  • Will BPG Nationals Help in the College Recruiting Process?
    Yes. We have some of the best coaches in the country that have a tremendous track record of placing young men in some of the most elite institutions in the country both academically and athletically. We will provide resources and contacts to help you achieve your goals. We will not oversell your abilities, but we are here to provide feedback, assistance, and guidance.
  • What if I Missed the Tryouts?
    We offer an opportunity for evaluation at our minicamps that we hold throughout the year. We also offer a virtual tryout via an application and video evaluation. This option can be used by those players who cannot physically attend a mini-camp due to geographical constraints.
  • Do I Pay Full Price if I Join Late?
    For those players that are offered a roster spot after initial tryouts we will pro-rate their annual fees as appropriate.
  • I am doing a Post Graduate Year can I Play?
    We do allow Post Grads (PGs) in our oldest highest division of Rising Juniors. Post grad players must have a certificate of acceptance and or documentation from the issuing institution that they have been accepted in the post graduate program.
  • Do I need to Tryout Every Year?
    We require all players to tryout every year to insure we remain competitive and select only the most talented players in the country.
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